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Gear Reducer

NHI China is known as a specialist, when it comes to the sourcing and marketing of the Gear Reducers. NHI China has earned repeated accolades for its working as a Supplier of Gear Reducer, with the range on offer including Star Wheel Gear Reducers, Turbine Worm Gear Reducers, and Scrap Conveyor Gear Reducers. The Gear Reducers are efficient as well as reliable, with the costs involved in their purchase being minimal.

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Scrap Conveyor Gear Reducer

Scrap Conveyor Gear Reducer is structured on a taper cylinder planet gear with various levels. The initial level of the Scrap Conveyor Gear Reducer has arc bevel gears transmission, followed by cylindrical gear of intermediate grade. Planetary gear transmission forms the output level of the Scrap Conveyor Gear Reducer, which is


Star Wheel Gear Reducer

The Star Wheel Gear Reducer is an internal meshing gear transmission device, with the transmission being modular, generalized, and standardized as well as efficient and smooth. The Star Wheel Gear Reducer is known for its improved reliability and bearing capacity as well as high carrying capacity,


Turbine Worm Gear Reducer

The center distance of the Turbine Worm Gear Reducer is 80, 120, 180, and 300 mm and the device is divided into different worms, which may be situated above and below. The structure of the Turbine Worm Gear Reducer is based on worm shafts configuration, with each structure having two ways of installation. The cooling structure